Rush Windsurfing
On Bitez Beach, near Bodrum, Turkey.   Rush Windsurfing is a long established school and board hire that suits both beginners and experts.

Rush blasting If you're looking for a high wind blasting location with warm waters, mild chop and hot sunny days, then Bitez is ideal for you.

If you want to learn windsurfing in a safe, sheltered bay with gentle winds then Bitez is ideal for you too!

Although Neilson have left Bitez, the wind, boards and hotels are still here. Our all new equipment and the Yali Han hotel can both be booked to give you a windsurfing holiday in the place you love.

This is possible because here we have gentle breezes for the learners in the mornings, followed by wild winds for the experts in the afternoons.

Non and apres-surfers will find plenty to do. This is no barren wasteland.   Bitez is a relatively quiet holiday beach with the wild nightlife of Bodrum and Gumbet only a few minutes away.

Bitez recently became a self governing local council (Belediye) and the new council swiftly brought in a wide range of positive improvements to the area.  

If you've been here before you'll be amazed at the changes.  

Larger scale works include the recently constructed Bodrum International Airport and it's access via a new dual carriageway road from Bodrum and Bitez.

Blasting just off the beach in Bitez

The office

From the sea

Wind statistics Wind statistics
  • The weather.

  • The season runs from late May to Early November with the strongest winds being in June through September.   Look here for some typical Bitez Bay wind statistics.   Temperatures are hot all times, except during the night during the first few weeks at the beginning and end of the season.   The sea is warm throughout.   Surfers tend to sail in shorts or shorty suits.   Forget that steamer or long john.  Here's the current weather.
  • The boards

    All the sizes you'd expect  from for the short board sailors,  and long boards for beginners and course racers.
  • Here are some of our fun-boards.

    Make Model Volume Length
    Bic Tecno 160 255
    Bic Tecno 148 264
    Bic Tecno 118 248
    Tiga FreeX 135 248
    Tiga Free Race 125 261
    Tiga BorderX 105 250
Board rack
Rush himself
  • The man

  • Running the school for thirteen years now, is Rush himself.   That's also him up at the top of the page getting a little air out in the bay. 

    He's a qualified RYA (Royal Yachting Association) instructor with an excellent command of English and an incredibly patient instructing technique. 

    In the winter he's a ski patroller in Bolu, one of Turkeys many ski resorts.

  • The sails

  • All are by Naish - Hawaii.   Even the beginners ones!   You'll probably only ever need two sizes because the winds here are so regular and free from gusts.   A 5.5 and a 6.5 should do for most days, with maybe a 5.0 for the occasionally wild ones.
    There are trainer sails for those who need them.   You can also bring your favourite sail and Rush will find a mast and boom for you.
Sail rack

Our Dart 16

Nice new booms


Visitors since 
July 2000.

Prices for Summer 2010

Advanced / Intermediate Board Rental:
1 Hour
2 Hours
3 Hours
10 Hours
20 Hours
1 Day
1 Week
2 Weeks
Tuition (Including equipment hire)
2 Hours
4 Hours over two / three days
10 Hours over two / three days


High season is August and things get busy then.   Otherwise you can find everything from 5 star hotels (with 5 star prices) down to camp sites, all on the beach.     Rush can always help you find something.   A nearby hotel we have an excellent relationship with is the Yali Han - well worth a look.

For a private house rental try Norman - the author of this page.
I have two adjacent houses in Bitez.  One sleeps 6 and the other suits a couple. In the summer I live in one of them and the other may be available for rent.  

  Yali Han Otel

Normans main house

If you're looking for something really quiet and special for two try Bodrum Garden Cottage. Don't worry about the name. It's only 5 minutes stroll from us.   Bodrum Garden Cottage - Bitez
Or book a cheap package holiday to Bitez, Bodrum or Gumbet.   You'll need to get the bus from the last two - it'll cost about 80p!    

Our very good friends at FenerWindsurf. Another excellent place to windsurf on the Bodrum Peninsula.

E-mail Rush Windsurfing.    Alternatively contact me, Norman, for general information.

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